What people are saying about LoanTec Software

“For me, the support my managers receive when they call LoanTec is beyond exceptional. The software is so solid we rarely need to call you, but when we do... I want a live support person answering... and you always do. With my other software provider, I paid a little less, but I never knew when they would call me back. That's the main reason I changed to LoanTec, but now that I see all the new reports I can use and how much easier it works, I should have done it sooner.” 

“What impresses me is how simple and easy everything works, especially upgrades. I never have a crash during an upgrade since I switched to LoanTec. Before, I hated upgrading because they would often crash my computer, and of course, getting back up again sometimes took hours or most of the day. I don't care that LoanTec costs more than the others, the dependability is worth it to me.”

“Charles, thank you for a great training session last week. My managers learned a lot about how to manage LoanTec and I learned how to manage them using LoanTec. I especially appreciate you privately showing me how to set traps to test employee honestly. I didn't know those tools were even there. I'll find out soon what I want to know.”

“.......I had no idea my employees were "Forgiving" late fees, NSF fees, and backdating renewals to give their friends bigger cash amounts back. My old software just did not track it and with all my branches doing it, I was losing over $10,000 every month and I'm still @#$@#$ mad about it. With LoanTec, that's all stopped now. I can see every single thing they do using the audit reports. As you know, I changed to your software because it's so easy to use, not because I suspected anything. All I can say is "@#$@#$, I'm a happy guy now!"”

“……….in business 44 years doing it by hand and never touched a computer, so I was nervous about automating. I’m amazed at how easy LoanTec is for an old guy like me! Thank You Again!” 

“…new to the loan business and worried about doing something wrong. Letting me train free in a live loan office for two weeks while learning LoanTec gave me the confidence I needed to start from scratch. I still can’t believe nice people are still around!!”

“Gents, the latest upgrade made a huge stride forward helping me manage employees and accounts. By virtue of things you added to LoanTec, I can tell you are listening to your clients. Thank You and Great Job!

“Your software isn’t the cheapest, but more than worth it.  I get reports I want and ……the solicitation letters really work!…. I actually get good support with the guys at LoanTec instead of excuses and insults from my previous vendor. And, you speak English!”

“My previous software was always crashing and the last time I called, they put me on hold for 30 minutes and then at 5:30 shut down their phones, leaving me stranded.  Changing to LoanTec was easy and I haven’t crashed since…..I love it….no more taking it out on my husband when I get home!”

“Unbelievable…..How does it do that?”

“My idea of ‘If software ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ cost me over $8,000. Three of my managers…… pocketing old NSF checks and fees.  I changed to LoanTec just for the NSF tracking it does, but all the other security things, especially the cash drawers, make me comfortable again. Thanks for the quick response when I was in serious trouble!”

“…thank you again for the easy conversion to LoanTec Software. I was expecting a nightmare, but your electronic conversion worked just like you said with no downtime. I’m finally off  DOS and on Windows. What a relief!. ……worth every penny!”

“Frankly, the whole program blows me away. I’ve never seen anything even close.”

“It’s like getting off a roller skate and into a Corvette. And the Corvette only cost a few dollars more!”

“It’s a #%#$ of a program! Does it do dishes too?”

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help yesterday. The examiner was pressing us hard about the Legal Logs and I didn't understand them enough to explain the entries. After you talked to him, he was satisfied and gave us a clean report. I know it's not part of my support agreement, but you guys were just great to help us out.”

What people are saying about LoanTec Software…Con

“I love your program, but I’m paying $35 a month less with what I got now.”

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